Historic Building

The Karlock’s Kars & Pop Culture Museum building is as much a part of the attraction as the classic cars and pop culture memorabilia that are housed inside.

From Produce Warehouse To Museum!

Built in 1860 by Robert Elliot, a native of England, the building that currently houses the Karlock’s Kars & Pop Culture Museum started out as a wholesale produce warehouse.

Elliot was also an instrumental part of building Hannibal, Missouri's first library.

Built To Last

The post and beam, brick structure was meant to stand the test of time. 

The building underwent a major restoration to turn it into what it is today, but the clean lines, brickwork, arches, and massive timber posts and beams are a testament to the workmanship and care that Elliot put into this incredible building.

You could spend hours admiring the architecture and hours more enjoying its content!