Originally opened in 1971, this historic landmark closed its doors after 35 years of operation, then sat largely undisturbed for 8 years until the Karlock family brought it back to life in 2014.

Preserved and restored as described in Mark Twain’s books, The Haunted House on Hill Street is sure to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in those who visited over 30 years ago, but don’t be fooled by the charming exterior - the shackled skeleton in the top window is a harbinger of the horrors that await inside…

This funhouse attraction is part Haunted House, part Wax Museum, and part Holiday Magic.

Your experience begins in the Holiday Magic Gift Shop, here you’ll find year-round Halloween and Christmas gifts and truly unique items of all kinds. From there, you’ll enter a dark room where you’ll be greeted by the unblinking stares of 27 life-sized wax figures from Mark Twain’s life as well as some of the best-known characters from his books.

Then you’ll go through another doorway and the terror begins!


The Haunted House

The Haunted House on Hill Street was preserved and restored as described in Mark Twain’s books.

With its flashing lights, narrow corridors, strange noises, ghouls, and skeletons - this funhouse attraction has delighted and frightened visitors of all ages for decades!

Come see for yourself all the horrors that await inside The Haunted House on Hill Street.

Wax Museum

The 27 life-sized figures in the Wax Museum are so realistic they have their own fingerprints!

Wax-master Martin Krewson used his own arm hair for some of the figures’ eyebrows, their eyes are the made of the same material used by opticians to make glass eyes, and Tom Sawyer has real teeth that were donated by a boy who had them removed for some dental work.

Travel through time as a narrator reveals the backstory of each character, real and fictional, in the Mark Twain exhibit. You’ll meet Mark Twain’s parents, his eldest sister, Pamela Clemens, Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Aunt Polly, Injun Joe, Becky Thatcher, and many more.


Martin Krewson

The figures on display in the Wax Museum were made in the 70s by wax-master Martin Krewson.

Krewson also made the figures on display at the Hall of Presidents Wax Museum in Gettysburg. President Lyndon Johnson was so pleased with his rendering that he personally wrote Krewson to congratulate him.

Krewson, who was 100 years-old when he passed away in 2012, also made the figures in a Life of Christ Wax Museum that he personally ran in the 70s

Holiday Magic Gift Shop

If your countdown to Christmas begins on December 26th or if you spend all year looking forward to Halloween, our Holiday Magic Gift Shop is the place for you!

But that’s not all, in addition to year-round Halloween and Christmas Gifts, the Holiday Magic Gift Shop features one-of-a-kind keepsakes, home décor items like lighting, jewelry, and much more.


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While in beautiful Historic Downtown Hannibal, Missouri, be sure to check out Karlock's Kars & Pop Culture Museum and ask us about combo ticket pricing, if you’re visiting both attractions!