Pop Culture

A Blast From The Past

Whether you're 7 or 70, you're sure to enjoy the vast collection of toys, collectables, models, neon signs, jukeboxes, classic pinball machines, arcade games, movie posters, photographs, and more!

The arcade machines can be played and there is a change machine available. Bring the kids so they can see that, in fact, toys weren't electronic back in your day…

Transformers To Star Wars And Beyond

Lovers of the silver screen won't want to miss Karlock's Kars & Pop Culture Museum!
We have stand-ups from classic movies of the past, movie posters from Hollywood’s Golden Age, figurines and models from way back when, and much more.

Music From A By-Gone Era

From our extensive collection of jukeboxes that will take you back in time to our posters, albums, memorabilia from Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and more, music lovers are sure to find something they love in Karlock's Kars & Pop Culture Museum.

These photos are just a small sampling of the countless items you’ll find on display at Karlock's Kars & Pop Culture Museum.